Funny Laws
South Dakota Funny Laws
-It is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory.
-Movies that show police officers being struck, beaten, or treated in an offensive manner are forbidden.
-It is illegal to try to convince a pacifist to renounce his beliefs by threatening to arm-wrestle him.
-Even if you are raped in South Dakota, you may not have an abortion.
-If you find that there are more then 5 Native Americans on your property, it is permissible to shoot them. 

South Dakota City Laws

Sioux Falls:
-Every room is required to have twin beds, in hotels. And the beds must always be at least two feet apart when a couple rents a room for only one night. It's illegal to make love on the floor between the beds. Spearfish:
-If 3 or more Native Americans are walking together down a street, you are allowed to shoot them as they can be considered a war party.
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